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Adoring your Art on an Instagram Holiday

In a world of fast fashion, mediocre coffee and an overwhelming amount of underappreciated art; I was feeling bankrupt, deprived and disappointed with life. It was heavily affecting my creativity and impacting my photography.            ... Continue Reading →

Film, an About-Face to Photography

Shooting film changed the caliber of my photography and I have not witnessed a single negative. I had never before touched a film camera in my life- (Excluding throw away cameras). A co-worker of mine, that exceeds my photography acumen... Continue Reading →

The Magic of Sony and Sigma

Sigma launched their SONY E mount line! I took the 85mm prime lens for a spin, and it was magic. The Sigma art lens created an incantation in each photograph. The Autofocusing speed was just as agile as my Sony... Continue Reading →

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