On a recent day trip to the Yosemite Valley, I had the opportunity to shoot my new Fuji X-T2. There was a wide variety of lighting conditions that day and with the heavy snow fall, just getting there was an adventure in of itself.

My first stop was Inspiration Point where I found myself shooting icicles near the tunnel. It was nice to know that the X-T2 body and the XR 23mm 2.0 WR lens is weather sealed.


Exposure 1/200 F/4.5 ISO400

The next stop was Vernal falls. It was so icy that I stayed by the bridge and tried my hand
at long exposures with my tripod. The camera definitely can handle deep shade.


Exposure 1/4  F/16 ISO400

Driving to the east end of the valley, I was now in direct sun so using my Circular Polarizing filter was a must. Turned the cameras metering system to spot mode gave me the ability to meter the highly reflective granite on half dome.


Exposure 1/250 F/10 ISO200

The X-T2’s LCD allows you to preview in manual and all your  information when using longer exposure times is very helpful.  Another of my favorite filters is the 10-stop neutral density filter. It allowed me to create the glassy look to the water.

untitled_hdr2y Exposure 20sec. F/16 ISO200

The camera allows you to react quickly. It has everything right in front of you with it’s main three dials on top (ISO,Shutter Speeds and Exposure compensation) and the aperture ring on the lens. If you’re a fan of that old school feeling in a camera you’ll love this body.

dscf0387 Exposure 1/1000 F/10 ISO200  XR 56mm 1.2 lens

I tried to use as many lenses that I had to see how the camera would respond. It didn’t skip a beat. This image is from the XF 10-24mm R OIS 4.0


Exposure 1/125 F/8 ISO200

The dynamic range that you get out the X-T2 is fantastic with it’s new X-Trans CMOS III  processor. I had plenty of power having the Vertical Power Booster on. It utilizes two batteries in grip and one in the camera.

All in all it was a great day to see how the X-T2 would respond is cold and wet conditions. Two thumbs up on my new favorite camera.

All text and images by Pete Perez


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