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A Night To Remember

149.69 longitude by 65.84 latitude were my coordinates on this particular night, Just below the Arctic Circle. We were on the hunt for the Aurora Borealis. A recent northern lights expedition to Fairbanks, Alaska, we decided to make the 4... Continue Reading →

Morning Alpine Glow In Central Oregon

Alarms rings!! its 4:45am on a Saturday morning. “What the hell am I doing up????” Oh yeah, I am Landscape Photographer. Thats what I do. I chase the chance of a sunrise catching fire over a picturesque scene Reflecting off... Continue Reading →

A Morning On The River

Sometimes it’s a feeling. Sometimes it’s a guess, and sometimes my phone says so. That was definitely the case this early Sunday morning. According to the TPE this mornings sunrise was suppose to be on fire. Having decided this trip... Continue Reading →

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