The Fujifilm X-T4 is coming!

Fujifilm has announced the latest in their X series of mirrorless cameras.
Utilizing the already incredible sensor and processor from the X-T3, Fujifilm has nonetheless managed to squeeze more performance and add many compelling features.


Let’s take a look at some of the new enhancements!

  1. I.B.I.S. – While not a first for Fujifilm, the X-T4 will be the first in the X-T line with I.B.I.S.
    Claiming 6.5 stops of stabilization and in a smaller package than the X-H1, this should be a killer feature both for stills and video, with the ability to work with various lenses as well as digital image stabilization for even better video footage without a gimbal.
  2. New Shutter – The newly designed mechanical shutter now allows for 15fps shooting as well as being the quietest mechanical shutter yet for an X series cameras.
  3. Larger battery – A new NP-W235 battery now claims 500 shots per charge, with the new battery grip giving 1700 frames!
  4. Tilty Flippy Screen – The back screen is now fully articulating with the ability to flip all the way around and is sure to make vloggers and selfie users very happy. Especially with the amazing video capabilities.
  5. Faster Autofocus – With a new algorithm, the X-T4 is now claiming to achieve autofocus in as fast a 0.02 seconds.

Those are the most exciting features, but the X-T4 has numerous other improvements, including a new film simulation, power/evf modes, etc.
While 4k video stays much the same, you can now capture 240fps in 1080p for up to 10x slow motion. The new Digital Image Stabilization (DIS) combined with I.B.I.S. should make for some extremely steady handheld video.

With a release date around end of April 2020, we’re excited to get our hands on the new X-T4!