Whether you are a natural light photographer or one that uses flash, reflectors are a very important tool that you can utilize.

Often times we need to introduce light into areas in which you have a large amount of shadow detail.  Another flash is one way to fill in light but it can also be another costley investment.

A reflector can be used to effectively control the amount of contrast between the lit part and the shadowed side of your image.

Using a reflector can add a unique look to your image by diffusing, bouncing and even blocking light. The need to even out the amount of light on your subject can make or break your photo.

Lighting ratios are very important in creating a consistent look to your light condition. Controlling the difference between the lighted side and the shadowed side of your subject can help in giving you a desired look.

I use a 42 inch 5-in-1 set because it gives me a good amount of flexibility and is easy to transport. Being able to collapse them into a small size allows you to bring them anywhere whether you are on location or in the studio.


They come in a variety of sizes ranging from a 22 inch for small objects like macro shooting or large ones like 40X60 for portraits.

A reflector makes a wonderful addition to you gear and will help you in many types of shooting designs.

I would highly recommend picking up a 5-in-1 reflector as a tool in your bag of goodies. As a photographer we are always looking for a better way of manipulating light and create a desired look to our images.

Untitled-1  Before 

DSC_1298 copyAfter 

Gold Reflector

1.White: To reflect light and soften light

2. Black: You can block light

3. Silver: Adds a high contrast look

4. Gold: Will warm up your subject (be careful it can be a bit too warm)

5. Translucent: Diffuses the light cuts down on contrast

DSCF0025Use in the studio as a light that can bounceDSC_1671

Large 40X60 white DSCF1285

42 inch 5-in-1 reflectors don’t leave home without it.