Sometimes, it’s nice to have a camera you can shoot without worry, in conditions that might give you pause with more expensive gear, while also keeping your kit lightweight so you can enjoy the trip.

We recently took a mini vacation to the Mendocino Coast just south of Fort Bragg, CA.
The weather forecast showed a lot of rain, and while we don’t mind at all hiking in the rain, bringing expensive and large camera gear didn’t sound too appealing this trip.

I wanted to be able to enjoy hiking and exploring the coast without the burden of a heavy camera bag, tripod etc. this time around and just relax.
(Don’t get me wrong, I take photo trips all the time and this isn’t a criticism of a full photo trip with all the gear)

This would be a perfect test of our Olympus TG-6 cameras which I’ll admit had hardly been used as of yet.

This little camera also will shoot in RAW and has extremely close-up macro capability.

As we walked around the little town of Mendocino, it was really nice not having to worry about soaking the camera.
The RAW files are nice to allow a little more flexibility in editing with the tinier sensor, but the JPG files are also excellent.

Most of these are straight out of camera with only slight adjustments to highlights and shadows to test the RAW files out.

I’ll let you judge for yourself, but I’m very happy with this capable point and shoot.