Shoot when the sky is completely dark!

The Natural Night Filter is designed to be used when the sky is completely dark, so shooting after twilight when there is no extra light being cast on the scene by the Sun will produce the best results. As artificial lighting starts to light up the scene adding a visible haze in the sky, halos around street lights, light reflected across water, or distant city lights on the horizon, the Natural Night filter will help to cut through the yellow/orange lighting to maximize the details and clarity throughout your image. Shoot in daylight white balance for the best results.

The Natural Night Filter is designed to produce the best results when shooting in Daylight White Balance (5500 -6500 Kelvin), essentially cooling the image while also removing halos and light haze caused by artificial lighting. By shooting in a consistent white balance you will also be able to see the results of shooting with and without the filter -images shot with the Natural Night filter will have far more vibrant colors with more clarity and detail around areas with high levels of light pollution.NiSi is a manufacturer of high-quality photographic equipment and filters, which are used and celebrated by professional photographers across the globe. Our products help a beginner to professional photographers and cinematographers get creative while producing world-class content. NiSi filters provide unrivaled quality with NiSi’s exclusive optical glass technology. All NiSi filters are Nano-coated, color-neutral thanks to our IR technology, low reflection, and have double-sided waterproofing. Our filter holders are designed using aviation-grade aluminum for solid construction. All NiSi products are made to be reliable in the harshest environments. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional photographer or just starting on your photographic adventure, NiSi filters are the perfect solution to transform your vision into reality.

By Andrew Code