Sometimes it’s a feeling. Sometimes it’s a guess, and sometimes my phone says so. That was definitely the case this early Sunday morning. According to the TPE this mornings sunrise was suppose to be on fire. Having decided this trip at 4:45AM I didn’t have much time for any distant travel. What a perfect opportunity to just truck down the road to Cline Falls. Quick 5 minute drive, and an even quicker walk from the road to the falls. After all. Its been at least a year since I had visited this location. Perfect location for a last minute decision shoot.

Time to Rally the gear. Clocks ticking! Screw it! I slap on the 14-24 grab the tripod and hit it! Upon a very brief drive to the falls I already started to see the magic unfold. Filling with excitement, cuz this is the kind of shit that turns me on I realized I was in for a colorful sunrise treat, if I could just get my ass to the falls, find a location to set up and be ready for the light show.

Parked. Tripod in hand, “damn this tripod is a heavy bastard!” Camera in hand, “damnit I forgot my neck strap!” Camera in other hand. This is one way to start a photo trip. None the less, I was going to capture this light one way or the other. Lucky for me with no hands free i’m going to shimmy down the Little Rock canyon to the falls because sitting up top where it’s reasonable to shoot is not for this jackass.

Well I’m here with time to spare. Down I go! lucky for me the water was low on the first crossing and getting over was a breeze. After some skillful and calculated rock climbing minus my two hands. I would have taken a picture of myself for further media entertainment for this blog, but my hands were already full. Im sure you understand. I made it to the location. Some extra early morning moss covered wet rock hopping over the heavy rapids was definitely a game I was up for using the off balanced weight from tripod in one hand and expensive camera in the other.

Success is the first word that comes to mind as I rest in final shooting location just before sunrise. Oh! did I mention I was still dry? Yep! I was on my A game this morning. No matter, shits about to get real as I setup for the 10 minutes of glorious photography wonder. This moments excitement is the biggest part of why I get up and do what I do. Enjoy your day my fine people.