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Getting great portraits with a single inexpensive 19″ ring light

Lights, lights and more lights.  As a full time wedding and portrait photographer I have a vast array of lights; 8 or 10 speed lights, 5 or 6 high powered strobes, half a dozen LED panels, 3 or 4 florescent... Continue Reading →

85mm Showdown: Zeiss Batis vs. Sony G-Master

If you shoot one of the Sony full frame mirrorless cameras, then adding one of these two lenses can give you the ultimate portrait shooting machine. Which one is for you?  If you've asked yourself that very question and still... Continue Reading →

A few quick tips for wedding shooters.

A lot of wedding shooters come to Action Camera to get their gear so I though I'd put together a little discussion about some of the things I think wedding shooters should consider.  Depending on your level of experience, what... Continue Reading →

Bokeh-Rama or Brenizer: What is it?

The shot most commonly known as the Bokeh-Rama or Brenizer is fun and has become popular among some very high priced wedding and portrait photographers. What is it? When should you do it and why? Two of the factors that... Continue Reading →

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