Super fast and simple step by step Photoshop method to remove creases and wrinkles from clothing.

First take a look at the short video to get a head start and to see how easy it is; then follow the simple step by step below.

In the video I didn’t take the time to do the entire garment but you should get the idea.  Like just about any Photo editing technique there is good enough and there is going for perfection.  Now on to the step by step;

  1. Select the healing brush tool.  Not to be confused with spot healing which has a very similar icon.
  2. Adjust the size and feather of your heal brush to match the size of the area you want to fix.  I usually put the Opacity at 100 and the Flow between 3 and 15.
  3. Change the mode to “lighten”.  Default is called “normal”.  Note that if the crease or wrinkle you want to eliminate is actually already lighter than the surrounding area you will need to do the opposite and change your mode to “darken”.  For many cases you will need to do a little of each.
  4. Sample an area adjacent to your crease by holding down Alt + left mouse button.
  5. Paint out your crease.

Note:  You can also use this technique to get rid of pesky hot spots or shiny areas on a face as seen below.  Before (inset) and after.


Lastly here are just a few short cuts I use when doing this procedure to further speed things up.

  1. Zoom by holding alt + mouse wheel.
  2. Drag image by holding down space bar and left clicking and dragging.
  3. Change brush size by using the bracket keys or by holding down alt + the right mouse button and moving the mouse left and right.
  4. Change the brush softness or feather by doing the same as above but moving the mouse up and down.

Hope this little tip helped.

alt sclupt DSC07164Same shoot and lighting as the title image but very different feel due to treatment in post.

Keep an eye out for tips like this and many more to be included in an up and coming portrait editing class I will be putting together for Action Camera in early 2018.

Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!

*Model Bianca Kristine

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