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Nikon Announces the Z8: The Ultimate Hybrid Camera

There's no doubt that Nikon is a legend in the photography industry. From the first camera they ever built, they have established themselves as one of the finest producers of quality cameras. Since their first entry into the mirrorless camera... Continue Reading →

How to Keep Your Memory Cards in Top Shape for Your Next Shoot

As a photographer, videographer, or content creator, you need the right tips to keep your memory cards in top shape. Learn how to do it properly and maintain them over time with this blog post from Action Camera!

New Product Feature – Phottix G-Capsule Softbox Series

Introducing the Phottix G-Capsule Softbox Series - the ultimate solution for hassle-free shooting. With a 5-in-1 light modifier, including a beauty dish, softbox, grid, lantern, and umbrella, this softbox is designed to meet all of your photography needs. It also features a shoot-through umbrella that attaches to the softbox to create a panoramic lantern, and a magnetic gel filter holder set for more creative control. Made with Phottix's new heat-resistant SL Tech material, the G-Capsule is durable and built to last. Additionally, the push opening system and 'One Push Release' system make set-up and take-down a breeze. With a carry case included, the G-Capsule Softbox Series is the perfect addition to your photography gear.

Action Camera’s Top 10 Cameras of 2022

Since 2022 has come to a close, we figured that we would look back at the 10 most popular cameras for the year based on the number sold. Without further ado… 10. Canon EOS R10 Despite not coming out until... Continue Reading →

Unlock Professional Photography – Essential Tips to Take Your Photos to the Next Level

Are you a budding photographer looking to take your photos to the next level? Are you passionate about capturing the beauty of life in stunning images? Then you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, I’ll be sharing... Continue Reading →

10 Questions to Ask yourself Before Buying a Digital Camera

Purchasing a digital camera is a commitment.  It requires savings, planning, research, and brand selection.  Most photographers own their same camera for approximately three to five years.  If they stay with the same brand when upgrading cameras, they could own... Continue Reading →

A Morning On The River

Sometimes it’s a feeling. Sometimes it’s a guess, and sometimes my phone says so. That was definitely the case this early Sunday morning. According to the TPE this mornings sunrise was suppose to be on fire. Having decided this trip... Continue Reading →

What the HEIC?

Demystifying HEIC and HEIF files If you are the proud owner of a last generation camera from Canon or Sony, you may have come across a curious new file type. The old standards are still there, including RAW and JPEG,... Continue Reading →

Choosing Your Travel Lens Kit

When packing your camera bag to go on a trip it can be a challenge to decide what lens is the best to bring to capture those special moments with family and friends without feeling like your gear is holding... Continue Reading →

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