Adobe made some welcome changes to Lightroom Classic CC in their April 2018 v7.3 update for Creative Cloud members.

Dehaze has moved to the Basics panel, instead of hiding down under Effects. This enhances workflow so you can work with Dehaze and Clarity while not jumping back and forth, up and down panels.

Profiles previously all the way down under Calibration, are now at the top of the Basics panel and have also been expanded in use.


Profiles generally should be selected first, before making other edits, as they can change how colors, contrast etc. are applied which can make previous edits no longer work.
This fits better with what is supposed to be a top to bottom workflow in Lightroom Classic CC.

Besides the interface change, the Profiles feature has also been expanded.
For RAW files there are Adobe RAW profiles for many genres of photography, as well as Camera Matching profiles that let you choose a look right out of the color profiles built in to your camera.
For RAW and Non-RAW photos there are also now creative profiles you can find under Artistic, B&W, Modern, and Vintage.

The Profiles dropdown in the Basic panel will show you the default Adobe profiles.
To access the new features, open the Profile Browser, either by clicking the 4 little squares to the right of the profile dropdown or “Browse…” under the dropdown menu.
(See picture)

Once in the Profile Browser you’ll notice right away new functionality which I love.
Lightroom Classic CC now shows you a preview of the profile on your picture simply by putting your mouse over each profile! This is such a welcome change and makes checking profiles against an image a breeze.

All in all these are some welcome changes and I appreciate Adobe’s work to enhance functionality and workflow for Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers.

To see the full list of changes and updates to Lightroom Classic CC follow this link:


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