Back in March of 2017 I wrote about how a simple 19” ring light can be used to produce great beauty shots; with the caveat that it’s most effective for single person headshots. Well, what if you want that same light for a full body shot? You get a 9 foot ringlight right? Naw, you get two strip boxes.

Too often people pigeon hole strip boxes. They assume that they are only good for edge lighting or accent lighting. I’ve found they are simply perfect for full length beauty lighting. The shots below were both lit with two equidistant strip boxes one on either side of the model.

Here’s the basic setup. Two strip boxes, one on either side of the model slightly angled in to face the model. Distance to the model will depend on how soft you want the light. The closer the softer. It may appear that my strip boxes are not level but that is just the camera angle. Each box is at the same height.


Here are a couple more shots taken from the shoot above. Those with a keen eye will notice that there is a hint of shadowing in these shots. There is a slight shadow to the right of Tiffany’s face. If you look even closer you can see the whole story in her eyes. The right stipbox is roughly have the power of the left. This is exactly how you can shape the light. For a traditional, even light keep the strengths of the two lights the same.

Below we have example of more traditional, even beauty lighting. As you can see the intensity of the two lights is very even resulting in a traditional shadow less look on the models face.

It’s just that simple. My goto stripboxes are the Phottix Raja 12” x 55”. They are incredibly easy to set up and breakdown, come with two diffusion panels and the eggcrate grid. What you’ll also notice is that this setup has the added benefit of being very compact so it’s great for small spaces. Had I used two standard softboxes or octoboxes the overall footprint of the shot would be nearly double with no benefit. The wider spread of light would simply fall to the sides of the model giving me more hassle in controlling it. It’s a simple case of the right shape for the job.

Phottix Raja 12 x 55” Stripboxes

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