There’s no doubt that Nikon is a legend in the photography industry. From the first camera they ever built, they have established themselves as one of the finest producers of quality cameras. Since their first entry into the mirrorless camera market, Nikon has been committed to delivering impressive cameras to their users, and the release of the Nikon Z8 is no different. For photographers, videographers, and content creators, there’s no better camera to invest in. This is the camera to watch out for.

Introducing the Nikon Z8 – all the features of the Z9, packed into a smaller camera and priced at only $3999! Get ready to capture stunning photos and videos with this amazing piece of technology.

A true successor to the D850, the Nikon Z8 is the ultimate hybrid camera. Delivering the stunning image quality and video with options for everyone including advanced audio and video to meet the demands of the content creation industry.

Let’s look at a few of the unique features the Nikon Z8 brings to the table.


  • Internal 8K/60p and 4K/120p Video: Capture high-quality video with internal 8K/60p and 4K/120p capabilities.
  • 12-bit N-Raw: Get the depth and detail of 12-bit RAW in a file half the size of ProRes RAW HQ files. Available up to 8K/60p and 4K/120p. Download examples to see the difference.
  • 12-bit ProRes RAW HQ: A go-to professional codec for its flexibility, consistency, and practicality when editing footage from different types of cameras. Available up to 4K/60p.
  • 10-bit ProRes 422 HQ: This industry standard allows for rich depth and detail, easy grading, and flexibility to edit on-the-go from a laptop. Available up to 4K/60p.
  • Full HD Proxy Files: ProRes RAW and N-RAW footage is simultaneously created in-camera, providing quicker and smoother editing processes.
  • N-Log Profile: Utilize extensive color depth and dynamic range to achieve greater control over the final footage.
  • Pro Audio: Capture 24-bit linear PCM sound alongside your footage right to the memory card. Compatible with professional XLR microphones using Tascam’s digital adapter CA-XLR2d-AN (sold separately).
  • Red REC Border: Easily recognize when you’re recording with a red border around the frame.
  • Focus Peaking: Achieve crisp focus with the help of this visual aid.
  • Zebra Stripes: Avoid overexposure by identifying overbright areas with zebra stripes.
  • Waveform Monitor: Monitor exposure levels and adjust accordingly with this tool.
  • ISO Fine Tune: Adjust your ISO in 1/6th EV steps for precise exposure control.
  • Linear Focus: Achieve smooth, accurate focus pulls.
  • Video Info Display: Keep track of important video settings with the information displayed on-screen.


  • Capture Exceptional Stills with the Z8’s Full-Frame Sensor: Enjoy stunning 45.7MP still images.
  • Preserve Image Details with RAW 14-bit: Get the full dynamic range and color with traditional RAW capture.
  • Save Space with High Efficiency RAW 14-bit: Enjoy outstanding image quality with smaller file sizes.
  • Achieve Richer Tonal Gradation with HEIF 10-bit: Get comparable file sizes to JPEG while increasing luminance.
  • Apply Camera Settings Quickly and Easily with JPEG 8-bit: Perfect for sharing your photos online.
  • Blazing Fast Frame Rates for Unmissable Moments: Capture birds, sports, weddings, and more with unrivaled burst speeds and an extensive buffer.
  • Virtually No Shutter Distortion with All-Electronic Shutter: Get lighting-fast speeds, no vibration or noise, and no wear and tear.
  • Don’t Miss Any Shots with Pre-Release Capture: Record moments before and after pressing the shutter release button.
  • Make Skin Look Its Best with Skin Softening: Keep eyes and hair tack-sharp while enhancing skin quality for up to 3 subjects in one shot.
  • Optimize Skin Tones with Portrait Impression Balance: Have precise control over hues and brightness to produce the optimal look for skin tones.
  • Faster, More Intuitive White Balance Adjustments: Get faster manual adjustments and optimized Auto WB for human subjects.
  • Easily Operate in the Dark with Illuminated Buttons: Major buttons are softly illuminated for easier operation in low light conditions.
  • Confirm Your Composition with Image Frame Display: Check composition with a thin line indicating the image frame.
  • Reduce Eye Strain with Viewfinder Brightness: Optimize EVF brightness with Lo1 or Lo2 to reduce eye strain.
  • Preserve Night Vision with Warm Display Colors: Enjoy warm red menu tones and reduced brightness for comfortable operation in low light conditions.
  • Easily Capture Point Light Sources with Starlight View: AF detection range expands to -9.0 EV* and display optimizes for confirming point light sources.
  • Get Creative with Built-In Features: Use Creative Picture Controls, Motion Blend, Interval Shooting, 900-second Long Exposure, Focus Shift Photography, and Multiple Exposure Mode to capture unique and stunning images.

Autofocus: Nikon’s most advanced autofocus system.

  • Sophisticated AF algorithm developed with deep learning technology.
  • Performs exceptionally well in extreme low light, with focus all the way down to -9.0 EV
    *Photo mode with ISO 100, f/1.2 lens, 20°C/68°F, AF-S, and focus position center.
  • Combines subject detection and 3D tracking, allowing it to track even the fastest, most erratic subjects with ease.
  • Detects and tracks a wide range of subjects including people, cats, dogs, birds, airplanes, motorbikes, vehicles, bicycles, and trains.
  • Eye AF for videos or stills allows you to lock onto the eyes of people, pets, and birds, even when they’re small in the frame, covered by hair, glasses, or goggles, and right-side up or upside down.
  • Custom Focus Area feature offers 20 custom options for defining your focus area, ensuring that you can keep the bride and groom in sharp focus even when wedding guests are in the foreground. In video mode, you can choose from 12 Wide-area AF C1/C2 options.
  • Enhanced Low-light Focusing allows subject detection and AF to work all the way down to -6.5 EV, and you can activate Starlight Mode to focus all the way down to -9 EV.

Build quality

The Z8 boasts a rugged Seerebo® Carbon Fiber and Magnesium Alloy body that’s both sturdy and eco-friendly. Its Sensor Shield and premium weather sealing make it perfect for any situation.

Whether you’re a professional photographer or an avid hobbyist, the Z8 is the perfect camera for anyone who needs reliability and durability in their gear.

Preorder Now

The Nikon Z8 is certainly a revolutionary upgrade to the Nikon family of cameras for this size and price.

It offers immersive ease when it comes to video and hybrid photography as well as top-notch quality in terms of general design and power. With every button and feature considered, it really is the ultimate hybrid camera that users have been looking for.

Not to mention, Nikon’s promise in extreme durability should give photographers peace of mind that their device will last through any shoot or excursion they plan.

So if you are looking for the power, durability and good looks of a professional hybrid camera – all you need to do is preorder one today. If you’re ready for the best in imaging technology, then don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity at innovation! Preorder now and enjoy the power of the Nikon Z8!