I know this might not be the most eye-catching blog post. It’s much more fun to talk about how to set up pleasing lighting or anything on the more creative side of photography and videography. However, the devil is in the details, as they say, and making sure that all your gear is optimized can be the difference in appearing like a professional or an amateur in front of a client.

So today, I am going to demonstrate proper cable storage. I know these days most cameras have built-in WiFi and the need for cables is becoming less and less; however, there are still plenty of times when we are tied down by cords and cables running power or other electrical communications. This method is important not only for the longevity of your cables, but also can end up being a time saver out in the field since you won’t have to untangle cords for those precious minutes before you lose the perfect lighting.

First, I have set up a GIF to demonstrate an incorrect way to wrap your cables, and what I would guess is one of the most common ways I see people using.

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Second, I attempt to show you the proper method for cable wrapping. You start with making a loop like you would normally, and then proceed by twisting the next loop the opposite direction so that cable goes underneath the first loop. Then just repeat this process until you have wrapped the entire cable. This allows the cable to essentially become straightened out while still conveniently stored. I have another GIF demonstrating what I am talking about. I took my time with this one so that you can hopefully clearly see what I am doing, but in normal circumstances this method can actually be a faster way to wrap cables too, once you get comfortable with it.

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Then, I let these cables sit wrapped up for a couple days to see what kind of effect it would have on them. Here is a GIF demonstrating what they ended up looking like after my experiment.

the results full
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As you can see, there is a significant more of a hassle to untangle the gray cable than the black cable. That can mean the difference of you being able to get the perfect shot, so try to practice good habits in all facets of photography and videography to make sure you are always set up for the best chance at success. Hope this helps a couple of you out there!


This experiment has been brought to you by Think Tank Red Whips. These are a great accessory and I never leave home without them!