I had the opportunity to collaborate with two awesome women in the Sacramento area to create beautiful images using the Action Camera studio. I gained some inspiration from a few photos I found on Pinterest, and I decided to put Action Camera’s Studio to the test! It’s wonderful to have a location where a studio is equipped with good lighting gear, spacious 1000sqft studio space, plus a dressing room and even a kitchen if needed. This blog will go over how the photo shoot was created with the available lighting gear in the studio.


Canon 5D IV

Canon 70-200 f/2.8

3x Promaster PL-400 Strobes

Green & Teal Gels

Promaster 32″ 5-in-one Reflector

Promaster Beauty Dish

Promaster Muslin Background 10×20

Promaster 77mm Variable ND Filter


SET UP: Below is a diagram of the lighting set up I chose to use. The beauty dish above the model creates a soft light on the model’s face eliminating any shadows under the eyes and creating a nice catch light. The reflector helps to fill in the shadows under the chin and the rest of the face. The two soft boxes were used to light up the background (these are the lights I gelled). The gels were used to change the color of the grey background to create a kind of outdoor/greenery look to it. I used the variable ND filter because I wanted a shallow depth of field to my image and needed to open the lens all the way. The ND filter cut back some of the light to allow me to do so. For more info on how to use ND filters check out this blog post.


I left the make up choices to make up artist Samantha Staton; she did a wonderful job! Special thanks to Siddalee for being the model; she looks stunning! Enjoy the gallery of our butterfly photo shoot!

Butterfly by Britney Sweis
Copyright 2017 Britney Sweis
Copyright 2017 Britney Sweis
Copyright 2017 Britney Sweis


Photos by Britney Sweis


IG: @britneysweis