As most of our followers know here at Action Camera we offer a wide variety of classes and workshops.  Our classes are typically held at our location, while workshops consist of an “in-class” lecture at our store in Roseville with the other part of the course being held in various locations.  Enjoy a few of the images our employees captured during our Street Photography Workshop led by Action Camera manager and instructor Pete Perez!

Having fun shooting sunsets!


Maybe a little wine tasting while we are out?

During this workshop we explored Old Folsom.  If you weren’t there, you missed a great opportunity to capture some cool photos (along with getting some pointers from the pros)! Not only are classes a great learning experience but you get the chance to meet some awesome photographers and network with other people in your area!

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For more info on signing up for classes: 

Call: 916-786-2288 or Online