Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting up with a small group of people to shoot the Annual Nevada City Summer Nights Festival. This festival happens every Wednesday night in the month of July. I love photographing this event because of the amazing performing artists that come out to share their talent with Nevada City residents and visitors.

Last year was the first year I had found out about this festival. A customer of Action Camera had told me about the artists that come out and I was intrigued. I went on the closing Wednesday last year and when I returned, I made sure to note it in my calendar that I needed to attend this event every year.

The street photography and performing artists at this event reminds me of Vegas shows. I am truly in awe that Nevada City hosts such an event. However, it is not in Vegas heat, it does not have the Vegas crowds and I do not have to spend a small fortune to be able to see these performing artists. That is why I am such a huge fan of this event. Everybody that attends is kind, eccentric and has some awesome material to offer for photographers and videographers.

This year, I decided to make a meetup out of the event. I went up with a small group of people and it was interested to see how other photographers see art differently through their camera. After attending last year I was most interested in photographing more low light performances like the one above. However, after seeing Jason Pierce’s and Dylan Bos’s take on the event, I now have more goals for the next meetup, which is this Wednesday 7/25.

Jason took more of a street photography angle on the event; he even shot some black and white images that gave the event a different spin. Dylan worked on his videography skills, shot some great low light footage, and put together a short video. Here is some of their work.

More of Jason Pierce’s work can be viewed on his website at or at

Dylan made this video of the event for the Action Camera Meetup group after last Wednesday.


I shot low light images, more of these can be found in the Action Camera Meetup group.


Meetups have always helped me grow as a photographer. I love meeting up with new people, seeing how they shoot, watching how they see things in different ways, and I am always intrigued on what gear they are using.  Also, I always feel safer shooting with a group. I was not worried about the safety of my gear for this particular event, but when I visit the bay area or places I have not been to before,  I prefer being with other photographers.

I used to think meetups were kind of cheesy. The word “meetup” itself had some stigma to it that turned me off. However, I have held a few now and I am a fan. I network, meet new friends and it expands my eye as far as creativity goes. We help each other out, we borrow each others gear, and I have always left a meetup learning something new.

Tomorrow night is the last night of Nevada City’s Summer Nights Festival. I hope you can join us. If you cannot, please join the Action Camera Meetup group to see more events we have scheduled. Just go to Action Camera’s Facebook page, look for the Action Camera Photo Meetup group and ask to join. We will add you. The meetups are FREE and FUN!!

More from Action Camera’s Nevada City Summer Nights Meetup!

If you know of any other events or places to shoot that would be good for a meetup, shoot me a message @ I am always open to trying new things and visiting to new places.

I hope to see you at meetups to come!