Shooting film changed the caliber of my photography and I have not witnessed a single negative. I had never before touched a film camera in my life- (Excluding throw away cameras).LRG_CMP04236

A co-worker of mine, that exceeds my photography acumen told me some outstanding c.c. (constructive criticism). He said to slow my roll, well not exactly like that, but basically. To slow down be more thoughtful and deliberate with my shots. I normally shoot with an A7Rii and it’s hard to slow down when you have an EVF where absolutely everything looks stunning. I had to realize that the salient quality Sony produces had made me an indolent, predictable, and conventional photographer.IMG_2116

I’ve been shooting film now for two months which is the equivalent of four rolls. If I had my digital camera on those shoots, I plausibly would have three hundred seventy five photos to go home and comb through. Instead, I have about half that and no duplicates. Film has immensely calmed my premature shutter release. Here is the plot twist! I haven’t even seen any of my images, yet. The first two rolls died a tragic death at the hands of an incompetent, uninformed film photographer (me) I ripped the rolls rewinding them. In that moment, when they where ruined I knew film had changed me. I’ve had SD cards corrupt in the past, and I was sad the experience was lost but that’s all it was, an experience. I remembered the location, the weather, the people, the conversation but none of the photos.LRG_CMP04243

When that roll of film ripped I knew all twenty four images that where lost. I knew why I decided to take them, I knew the camera settings, I knew the composition, I envisioned them in black and white. They had become an extension of me, my mood, my thoughts, my opinions, my beliefs, had been imprinted and marked on the film. I have never had that connection with shooting digitally. A co-worker’s c.c. led me through a major learning experience while shooting film. Since the death of roll one and roll two (may they forever rest in peace) I’ve since filled a drawer in my fridge with film! I have two rolls I need to develop and I didn’t rip them, success.

By : Carollynn Anne