Sigma launched their SONY E mount line! I took the 85mm prime lens for a spin, and it was magic. The Sigma art lens created an incantation in each photograph. The Autofocusing speed was just as agile as my Sony lenses. The sharpness of the lens was precise. However, shooting at f1.4 the autofocus didn’t pick up eyes, the face detection would fall short and pick up the nose. I understand the depth of field is extremely shallow at f1.4, I still expected more from Sony’s face detection.

The difference between shooting with a Sigma MC11 adapter opposed to a Sigma Native E mount lens, is overwhelming. The native mounts auto focusing speed is superior, I would chuck the adapter and reinvest in Sigma lenses with native mounts.

Using the Sigma MC11 adapter Canon EF mount to Sony E mount

out of focus shot 2out of focus shotNo. Nope. No comparison. the autofocus was inaccurate, repeatedly. It was extremely frustrating, especially in front of a client. I had to revert to using toggle focusing, for any accuracy. EW!

 Using the Native E mount Sigma lens with professional models in low and artificial light conditions.

sony mount shot

The efficiency of the autofocusing even with large movements from the models was marvelous. There was multiple light set ups (flash, strobe, gels, natural) and the autofocusing was exceptionally effective.

A fruit bath shoot with an eight-month-old child.CMP09667

I can feel the pressure for SIGMA from here. If there is any tedious test for a third-party lens it is autofocusing speed on children. Shut the front door, Sigma passed. The speed was fast and accurate above f1.8 and the look (insert drool emoji) Sigma ART, you cannot conjure that look with any other lens company.

If I had to choose a G Master lens or a Sigma ART lens with an MC11 Adapter, I would still pick the Sigma. The illusion of magic that Sigma art lenses produce straight out of camera is enchanting. Sigma can make reality charming, seductive and bewitching. Sigma’s allurement with Sony’s ability makes a sexy pairing. SONY and SIGMA = SOUL MATES.