I’ve been photographing my boy’s football teams for the past six years. It’s totally a labor of love. Watching them on the field is about as good as it gets!

I try to create images that I wish I had when I played.
My youngest son is in his senior year, and this is the last season he’ll play football in high school.
I’ve really been trying to document this season in different ways.

On a recent away football game, I rented a Sigma 24mm art lens from Action Camera in Roseville, Ca.
I really wanted to get into the boy’s space, and not artificially.

What do I mean by artificially?
Well we all have a personal space that’s probably an arms distance from another person.
If you enter that space with a zoom lens from a distance it doesn’t feel as intimate, but when you physically move into that space something changes and the image has more connection.

It’s something I try to do in my portrait work and wanted to bring that over to some of my sports images. I think it is something that has roots in my early days with newspaper photography.

I have to say the Sigma 24mm lens was a dream to work with, it was very fast and I’m extremely happy with how it rendered the colors and tones.
I think it’s a lens that I’ll add to my bag permanently in the next year. More images on my site.

DSC_8351-October 05, 2018


By Tim Engle