In the same vein as Carollynn’s great post, I thought I would throw in my experience with film.

I love shooting film! It’s a great break from the fast paced digital world of photography that we all find ourselves in.
Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against digital and that is what I mostly shoot, 95% of the time. There are so many advantages and capability that current digital technology gives us.

But let me backtrack and explain a bit.
I really got in to photography later in life (in my 30s) than some.
And while I did grow up in an era before digital cameras, the only cameras I really played with in my teens and twenties, where some early digital point and shoots and of course smart phones when they arose in the mid to late 2000s.
In 2011 I purchased my first interchangeable lens digital SLR camera, really dove in to photography and never looked back!


(Portrait project in Sacramento with first film SLR)

Now, back to film.
Around 2014 I managed to find a $5 film camera at the Action Camera swap meet which worked with a lens I already had.

What I did not expect was to have so much fun shooting with this camera.
Film turned out to be a cathartic experience, a needed break from the fast paced digital world.
Only having 24 to 36 shots per roll (plus the cost of film), really made me think about every single photograph before taking it.
You really start to pay attention to every single detail, every edge of the picture, background elements, composition, etc. Not to say I always got it right, not by a long shot, but I love that it make you think about it more.

I wanted to challenge myself to a project and decided on street portraits.
Below are the results of walking around Old Sacramento and Capitol Park asking people I ran into if I could take their portrait. Everyone I ran in to was surprisingly open to this and I only had 1 “no” the entire day.

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Since then I’ve acquired two, more advanced 35mm film cameras and a Mamiya C220 medium format camera! I have another portrait roll complete and scanned, another almost finished and am working on starting a project with the medium format camera soon.
I also acquired a scanner so I could get much higher quality digital copies of my film work and will be learning to develop black and white film soon.

Here is more formal portrait shoot we did in Old Sacramento to test out one of the new 35mm cameras:

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These are mostly shot with Ilford’s great HP5 400 film and I have also been playing with Fujifilm’s Acros. Both are great black and white films which I can get at Action Camera.

I encourage everyone to find a cheap 35mm film camera and give it a try, especially if you have never shot film before.

And if you have any questions, make sure and stop in to Action Camera and say hello!

Chris Wright
(916) 786-2288