Introducing the new Sony ZV-E1 – their inaugural vlog camera to feature a Full-frame 12.1 MP image sensor which has been specially optimized for 4K, providing exceptional image quality with 15+ stops of latitude, minimal noise, high sensitivity, and stunning full-frame bokeh.

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The vlog camera with the world’s smallest and lightest full-frame interchangeable lens system.

The ZV-E1 stands out as the world’s most compact and lightweight vlog camera, boasting a full-frame CMOS sensor and interchangeable lenses. Its small size combined with a full-frame sensor makes it a unique offering in the market, perfect for handheld shooting or mounting on gimbals or drones.

Accessible controls
The side-opening vari-angle LCD screen, coupled with the thoughtful positioning of the Still/Movie/S&Q selector, REC button, and other controls, make capturing selfies and vlogs a breeze.

Intuitive touch operations
By swiping the left or right edge of the monitor display, touch function icons appear at the top, providing easy control over shooting mode, Cinematic Vlog Setting, and other features. Moreover, swiping up on the monitor allows the function (Fn) menu to be displayed. The camera has also been refined with exposure compensation and white balance touch-control icons that are now situated alongside the existing F-stop, shutter speed, and ISO icons at the bottom of the monitor display for improved accessibility.

Features to Enhance Your Confidence While Shooting
The ZV-E1 offers several useful features to help you shoot with confidence, such as a recording lamp located on the front of the camera, a self-timer designed specifically for movies, and a highly visible recording indicator on the monitor.

Accessories to support your shooting needs
Numerous accessories are readily available to assist vloggers during their shoots, ranging from high-quality external microphones to an easy-to-use grip that facilitates smooth, one-handed operation.

Intuitive creativity

Emphasizing the Subject with Expressive Imagery
The ZV-E1’s 12.1 MP1 full-frame sensor and the latest BIONZ XR™ engine work together to provide high-speed processing capabilities that support 4K 60p, and 120p upgradable recording. Additionally, the inclusion of an AI processing unit has enhanced the camera’s subject-recognition capabilities, making it a versatile tool for advanced vlogging applications. With these advanced features, you can trust the ZV-E1 to deliver high-quality imagery with speed and precision.

With the Cinematic Vlog Setting of the ZV-E1 and the option to select a specific Look and Mood, you can elevate your vlogging footage to a cinematic level that perfectly matches the scene and your artistic vision. The 24 fps frame rate and the widescreen Cinemascope aspect ratio (2.35:1) with black bars above and below the image further enhance the overall cinematic feel of your videos. With these features, your audience will experience a sense of immersion and engagement that elevates the storytelling aspect of your vlogs.

Connect and share

Seamless and Stable Smartphone Connectivity Made Simple
Significant improvements have been made to the stability of image transfers from the camera to the Creators’ App on smartphones, ensuring that transfers continue uninterrupted in the background. The addition of Shot Marks further simplifies and streamlines clip uploading, making the process more efficient.

Stream top-quality live content
The ZV-E1 can be connected to a personal computer or smartphone through USB, transforming it into a top-quality webcam for use during live events or virtual meetings. You can leverage its narrow depth of field, impressive bokeh, and advanced autofocus capabilities to produce distinctive, high-quality visuals.

Easy on the environment

Sony’s Plan for Achieving a Zero Environmental Footprint
Sony’s environmental plan, “Road to Zero,” established in 2010, is aimed at achieving a zero environmental footprint, with intermediate targets defined by our Green Management 2025 plan. At every stage of the product’s lifecycle, from development to packaging, measures have been implemented to reduce its environmental impact.

Environment-friendly packaging
In order to reduce environmental impact, Sony has employed their durable and recyclable “Original Blend Material,” composed of bamboo, sugar cane, and recycled paper, in the outer packaging of the ZV-E1, completely eliminating plastic. Sony is also actively working towards replacing packaging materials with non-plastic alternatives that provide adequate protection against shock and impact, as well as utilizing plant-based non-woven fabrics for product bags.